Schwanog, Germany

Founded in 1946, Schwanog earned itself a good reputation on the market as a manufacturer of high quality carbide tools and measuring devices as well as in the field of mechanical engineering. At the beginning of the 90s, Schwanog made the decision to focus on form tools and developed & patented their own insertable tooling system. The cost savings which can be achieved with this system in comparison to conventional tools are enormous. This economic cost saving advantage is still the driving force of their success today.

Schwanog holder and Schwanog insert blank, form the basis for each system. Part-specific contours are individually ground or EDM wire-cut into this blank. Typical batch sizes are ranging from 3 to 50 form tools per purchase order. Within 20 years and due to this innovative idea Schwanog has become one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in this market segment. Since then, over 70,000 manufactured form tools show our experience and capability.

With over 100 qualified professionals, an in-house technology and training center at our headquarters in Villingen-Obereschach, Germany as well as continuous investment in production and process improvement Schwanog is in a position to act flexibly and quickly at any time.

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