PIBOMULTI, Switzerland

PIBOMULTI, founded in 1979, from Swiss specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of Multi- spindle heads, Right angle & adjustable angle heads, Turret heads and Spindle speed multipliers. Their products are designed to stand up to the rigors of high production as well as the demands of die and mould making.

Their Turret heads and Multi-spindle heads, in particular, can reduce the multiple clamping required for all sizes of intricate parts. All of the PIBOMULTI products are designed with the latest technology in mind and are of the highest quality available.

PIBOMULTI provides the answers for increased productivity in any operations. Their products can be engineered to fit Transfer machines, Special purpose machines, Machining centers and Lathes of all sorts and sizes.

Industries Served by Pibomulti

Machine tool builders around the world have placed their trust and reputation on PIBOMULTI accessories of their machines. Their tools have been utilized in all kinds of industry - as miniature as watch making and as large as shipbuilding! They have enjoyed a very strong relationship with the Auto making industry in particular.

Large Industrial Groups or small shops - all of their customers have remained loyal to PIBOMULTI over the years and have learned to trust that quality, delivery and service are the hallmarks of PIBOMULTI.

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