Q DOFF ( Auto Doffing System )

LLS introduces Auto Doffing System with inbuilt Quick Doffing feature which ensures high productivity in the Non-Auto Doffing Ring Spinning machines for LR6 and LR60/A.


  • Rigid construction design enhances dimensional stability for long run
  • Well-designed system ensuring the perfect retro fitment for the existing Non-Auto Doff machines
  • Tube holding system (spring inbuilt grippers) ensuring perfect tube holding by precision pneumatic system
  • Free movement of peg tray design ensuring the full and empty tube transfer with 100%
  • User friendly HMI display system for easy operation
  • Machine down time for a Doff is 105 seconds
  • Peg tray systems on either side of machine for stable & oriented transporting of empty tubes and full bobbins
  • Maintenance free and long life peg trays
  • Intermediate rails with pegs to accommodate empty tubes
  • User friendly piston type gripper
  • Under winding crown fitted to existing spindles
  • Minimum center distance 1800mm between ring frames with staggered doffing
  • Pull chord is supplied, which runs throughout the machines
  • Basket Tube Loader (BTL) can fix either Head Stock or End Stock
  • Mobile Basket tube loading system


  • Rough surfaces in existing intermediate frames are made in to uniform surface by special adhesive bonding technology
  • Innovative design of precision parts to maintain the accurate positioning for entire length of retrofit machines
  • Well trained dedicative professionals committing perfect installation with Quality, Time and Cost
  • LLS is equipped with special restarting mechanism arrangement which controls restarting breaks


  • Retro fitment is designed with quality in-house manufacturing and reputed standard parts
  • In Q-Doff, frame brackets are firmly fixed on the intermediate frames with sturdier construction as like OEM, to ensure reliable doffer performance
  • In our system, swing in-out and up-down load distributed equally by placing the gear motor and screw rod assembly in the middle of the machine

Tube Loader

  • Tube loader Basket for holding empty tubes and for loading empty on to per tray systems and for ejecting full bobbins
  • Basket type tube loader equipped with 6 level sensors for feeding empties, tube loading rate - up to 30 to 32 tubes/min

After Sales Support

  • Single point of contact for service support for basic Ring Frame and Q-Doff
  • Common spares for OEM and retro fitment

Customer Base

  • More than 700 Q-Doff running globaly in the field with 70+ satisfied customers

Uncompromised Zones

  • Frame Bracket, Gripper Rail - Imported Aluminium and Scissor Arm
  • Swing in/out Bracket, Height setting - all eye bolts
  • Bottom pegs and Gear Bracket

Quick DOFF Process

For more information please contact “info@lakshmilife.com