Pretreatment Plants

  • QEL offers customized pretreatment process with perfect corrosion protection tailored to your pretreatment requirements (for materials such as steel, Aluminium or plastics).
  • We design and build various types of pretreatment plants depending upon the work piece size, shape, production method, material conveying systems and conversion coatings based on the individual clients’ requirement.

Different Types of Plants

We design and build different types of Spray and Dip pretreatment plants for Metals and Plastic parts depending upon the type of conversion coating to be applied on work piece, which include:

  • Zinc/Iron Phosphate pretreatment plant for steel parts
  • Nano technology plant for multimetal
  • Chrome conversion coating for aluminium parts
  • Manganese conversion coating for ferrous metal
  • Pretreatment plants for plastic parts

Spray Pretreatment

  • Spray pretreatment are suitable for medium to high production volume with overhead or power and free conveyors, depending upon the component.
  • Our Spray pretreatment plants made of complete Stainless steel or MS or combination of SS and MS spray tunnels along with direct or indirect heating system, vertical pump for high transfer efficiency, and easy clip on nozzles with PP revolving tip to adjust Nozzle spray, FRP catwalk with door for easy maintenance.

Dip Pretreatment

  • Dip pretreatment plants are commonly used for small and complicated components to clean and conversion coatings of metals prior to powder / paint application.
  • Dip pretreatment is a conventional pretreatment wherein the chemicals are stored in the steel (MS/SS) fabricated tanks.
  • The main advantage of dip pretreatment plants as compared spray pretreatment is online rust removal system depending upon the material of construction and work piece.
  • The components are placed in the baskets or cages and they are dipped in each process tank for prefixed period of time. The movement of the product is with a monorail and hoist or automatic with a conveyor system.

Effluent Treatment Plants

  • QEL supplies effluent pretreatment plants and equipments for various industries. Any surface coating process gets completed with the effluent treatment process.
  • We offer various types of effluent treatment plants along with DM and Reverse Osmosis plants to treat the effluent generated from the pretreatment plant or various types of pretreatment plants includes solar evaporation or Zero discharges depends upon the individual clients requirements for advance technology to benefit our clients for energy savings, optimization and cost effectiveness solution to reduce the waste generation and save water.

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