Conveyor Systems

  • The efficiency and productivity of the painting plant is mainly dependent upon the material conveying system and jig utilization. QEL designs and builds the complete conveyor systems for powder coating and liquid painting plants based on the individual client’s requirements.
  • QEL offers material handling systems either twin hoist or PLC operated transporter depending upon the individual clients requirements. All our plants have energy and water saving features that are environmental friendly.
  • QEL supplies conveyor systems for varied utility based on the shape, size and weight of the product and designs the systems with curves, bends, raising and lowering as per the production process. The conveying system is programmed to carry the product at required speed to generate controlled product flow. Ultimately, the system can be customized as per customers' in-use equipment.

Depending upon the different applications, the material handling and conveyor systems are:

  • Over Head Conveyor
    • Single
    • Power and Free
    • I  Beam
  • Floor Conveyor
  • Twin Hoist
  • PLC Operated Transporter

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