TOS - CNC Cylindrical Grinders

TOS Celakovice, plant 8 of Slovacke strojirny, a. s. from Czech Republic is traditional producer of machine tools which occupies one of the most important place in Czech mechanical engineering industry.

History of their plant dates back to 1856, initiated by Mr. Jockel, Kamenicek, Podhajsky and Volman and successfully developed by companies TOS Hostivar, TOS Celakovice, Cetos and TOS. With the trademark TOS which is globally registered, continued development and production of machine tools, which they successfully delivered in all over the world.

Production assortment is production of high-precision grinding machines, universal centre lathes and CNC universal centre lathes, CNC gear cutting machines and multifunctional lathe centre TT75. Machines are delivered in technological assemblies tuned according to customer requirements.

Modern technology, precision, quality and reliability of machine tools create preconditions for long-term partner cooperation with our customers.

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